Quantitative research / data collection

Panteia specialises in the right application of quantitative research tools and providing advice on this subject. And we have everything under one roof to help us do just that: from traditional methods to the latest online techniques.

Quantitative research is usually carried out online. That is easy and efficient, provided it produces sufficient and suitable feedback. The latter is becoming more and more of a challenge. Representativity is under pressure and selectivity is increasing. The days when employers or consumers were happy to complete an online survey are in the past. These days, you have to invest in respondents to get them to complete your survey, for example by calling ahead and asking them to participate. Not only does this ensure you have the right email address, it also helps to create commitment, which is essential to create a high response rate. In addition, it allows you to collect data on people who do not want to take part.


Panteia is happy to give you advice on the best research method and approach, based on your objective, topic and target group. Often, this means online research, but sometimes we use telephone surveys or written surveys or any combination of the three.

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