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published: 14-07-2020

Panteia has an enthusiastic team of market researchers who help our clients to identify the best research method, collect data, and provide analysis and interpretation - using both qualitative and quantitative research. We rely on our methodical expertise, experience and extensive knowledge of many sectors. To achieve optimal results in our data collection, we work with strategic partners in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our goal is to carry out market research that makes a difference: research that inspires and takes you further. This is ensured by our high quality and tailored approach. We have a wide range of research methods and techniques at our disposal which help us meet our goals.

Based on our market research expertise, you can rely on Panteia to match the right research solution to your specific problem and to shape its execution. This way, we provide you with reliable results that will allow you to take the necessary steps.


What does Panteia Market Research do?

Panteia provides both quantitative and qualitative research. We are able to combine several types of market research to answer your research question in the best way possible.

We collect data from different target groups: consumers / general population, businesses, authorities and non-profit organisations. We carry out market research across organisations' entire development and policy cycle: from preparations all the way to evaluation. The goal is often to generate insight into the behaviours, attitude and motivation of the target group, in order to provide a solid foundation for making decisions. Alternatively, we can collect data only, allowing you to analyse these yourself.

One of our specialities within Market Research is our expertise in the field of monitoring. Using data files, we can, for example, identify developments or trends within your market. 

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