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Today's society abounds with satisfaction surveys, and with good reason.  You want to know if your customers are happy, don't you? Do they recommend your business, will they come back next time, are they leaving reviews? Why, or why not? And - most importantly - what suggestions for improvement do they have for you? Panteia finds the answers to these questions.

We have nearly 30 years of experience with satisfaction surveys. Our expertise means we know how to collect the input you want so badly. Often, that means an online survey, but a well-executed telephone survey may be your best option in other cases. Our short lines and practical (IT) solutions mean we can get results to you quickly, right where you need this information the most. Because collecting information is only the first step. Your company's satisfaction survey will only come to life if you can monitor customer responses directly and can respond to their feedback. Ideally, this happens at the level in your organisation that plays a decisive role in your overall quality: the people who interact with your customers.


Mortgage broker De Hypotheker, TESO ferry services, Mauritskliniek private hospitals and Nij Smellinghe outpatient clinics are among the organisations for which Panteia continuously measures customer experiences, extracting the information they need to improve the quality of their services. We also carry out customer satisfaction surveys for reintegration companies. Our surveys comply with the quality requirements set out by the UWV (Executive Institute for Employee’s Insurances).

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