Employee satisfaction survey

It is clear that an organisation's performance depends on the level of motivation among its employees. Panteia uses a range of innovative solutions to show the development of employee motivation.

When do you hear that a valued employee is overworked, or leaving the organisation? When you hear something like this, it's usually too late to do anything about it. That is why we have developed ZinIn - a method that allows you to carry out frequent, very short surveys that provide immediate feedback to employees and organisation alike. This way, you get a weekly, monthly or quarterly overview, showing which teams are doing well, and which are experiencing challenges. This makes it easy for teams to know when and where to take action - such as providing a helping hand to a colleague in need, or coaching a manager who has a troubled relationship with their team.

Our method consists of short surveys and immediate feedback to the organisation. This way, employee satisfaction comes to life and HR management continues to be on the agenda.


ZinIn proves that it is possible to conduct frequent surveys of only three questions, and still maintain a high level of insight by means of the online dashboard.


Panteia conducts employee surveys for organisations such as Rotterdam tram operator RET, Deloitte, Dermapark Dermatology Clinic, and the association of camper van drivers NKC.

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