Up-to-date branch information is key.

Among members of branch organisations, there is a great need for up-to-date market information, such as sales statistics, conjuncture surveys, and yearly financial company performance comparisons.

This information allows members to assess their own performance. The sector can use this information to put bottle necks on the agenda, stimulate members to respond to developments, and to generate attention for the sector in the media, in education and with policy makers.


All of this requires up-to-date, reliable information, which is exactly what Panteia provides - and has been providing ever since our agency was founded. The business of producing branch information is in our genes.


We provide the research agenda for many branch organisations and associations.
The result outcomes are and remain the property of the branch organisation and participating businesses. Panteia does not seek publicity.


Outcomes are made available as written reports and in the form of online dashboards or useful Excel documents with graphic and statistical analyses.


Trade monitor examples:

  • Finat label stock (Finat, trade organisation for manufacturers of self-adhesives)
  • Woonwinkel monitor (home decor stores - INretail)
  • VVVF (association of paint manufacturers)
  • VLK (Glues and sealants)

Examples of conjuncture surveys:

  • BNA
  • NLingenieurs

Examples of financial benchmark:

  • BNA
  • NVM (Dutch Estate Agents Association)
  • Logistics providers


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