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published: 17-10-2018

Europe is becoming more and more entrepreneurial. To stimulate economic growth and increase competiveness it is important that entrepreneurs become more ambitious and that they value the results of more growth and more profit.


The question is how? How can we further promote entrepreneurship and increase the number of ambitious entrepreneurs? How can we arrange that enterprises grow and continue growing? How do we keep ambitious, innovative and growing enterprises in Europe and make them competitive with the rest of the world?

Panteia can help to answer these questions on the basis of research and advise on policies to be developed at regional, national and international levels. Based on our quantitative and qualitative knowledge and experience a broad variety of research and consultancy tools can be applied including, impact assessments, evaluations and fitness checks (Refit).

Since 1930, EIM (as of 1 January 2011 Panteia) has carried out policy-oriented research focusing on enterprises and the business environment. Panteia carries out economic policy research for governments, policy institutions and trade associations with special emphasis on enterprise issues. Panteia generates knowledge about businesses and business processes to facilitate policy decisions. The bridging function that Panteia fulfils between business and policymaking is spread over a wide range of knowledge fields: entrepreneurship, small and medium-sized enterprises, business development, finance, the labour market, internationalisation, administrative burdens, trades and industries, innovation and ICT, competition, sustainability, care and safety, and inclusive entrepreneurship.

Panteia executes assignments for national and international clients and is the founder and leading partner of the European Network for Social and Economic Research (ENSR). Panteia has an office in Brussels to strengthen this international network and to facilitate contacts with the European Commission.

When looking more closely at the policy areas which are connected to economic policy, Panteia has considerable experience in researching the following areas:

• SMEs and Entrepreneurship: scale effects, micro enterprises, small enterprises, medium-sized enterprises, various type of entrepreneurship (women entrepreneurs, ambitious entrepreneurs, own account workers, solo entrepreneurs, young entrepreneurs), social and inclusive entrepreneurship. • Smart regulation: administrative burdens, standard cost model analyses, impact assessments, evaluation, refit, simplification of legislation. • Innovation and technology; radical innovation, innovation of services, eco-innovation, innovative entrepreneurship, Horizon2020 • International affairs: single market, export, import, foreign direct investment, upcoming markets, • Employment and social affairs: education, labour, social security, jobs, working conditions, life long learning

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