Information Security

Panteia is certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001. Panteia is leading the research field in this regard. With this certification Panteia guarantees that customers’ data are safe at Panteia.

ISO 27001 is the international standard for information security. Independend Stichting Toetsingsbureau KCC certifies that Panteia’s information security management system complies to the standard through yearly audits. At the centre of this management system lies a continual improvement cycle. Information categories are regularly analysed and an information security risk assessment is performed, resulting in a security risk treatment plan. Panteia has implemented more than 100 controls according to the ISO 27002 standard. These controls concern all aspects of information security management; such as management policies, employee behaviour, physical security, security of digital systems, backup policy, business continuity and suppliers’ and subcontractors information security.


Panteia always has taken the security of personal and business data very seriously. Panteia’s long-term certification according to the ISO 20252 standard also proves this. ISO 20252 is the international standard for conducting market, opinion and social research.


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 Certificate ISO 20262                                  Certificate ISO 27001

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