Transport & Mobility

published: 17-10-2018

Transport is essential for economic development and building prosperity, as it connects goods and services to markets and it provides access to jobs, education and healthcare. Transport is a facilitator, enabling economic growth, enhancing trade, connecting regions and creating mobility.

The transport sector itself is an important generator for economic growth. As an indication, 10 million people are employed in the transport sector in the EU and the sector accounts for some 5% of the total GDP.

The challenge we are facing is to maintain transport’s driving role, while reducing the adverse effects of transport, notably in terms of impact on the environment, congestion and safety. There is broad recognition that this calls for a systematic approach. In fact, it is a huge task which is not going to be accomplished by a limited number of (isolated) interventions. As transport is a complex system that is [INVALID]d on the interaction of infrastructure, vehicles, information technology, rules and behaviour, all these aspects must be part of such a systematic approach and a common vision for change. This approach is reflected by the present European Commission Transport White Paper, calling for an extensive transformation of the transport system, promoting independence from oil, the creation of modern infrastructure and multimodal mobility assisted by smart management and information systems.

Panteia supports this transformation process through its activities that are focused on research, consultancy and training in the Netherlands and abroad and by covering a wide array of topics. This encompasses all the economic and social aspects of both passenger and freight transport, for all modes of transport. This can be done in the form of research. For example, by creating data[INVALID]s, providing the basis for decision making on transport policy or infrastructure development [INVALID]d on sound socio-economic principles, or in the form of assisting the European Commission and EU Member States in the development of TEN-T core network corridors, or by creating a toolkit for evaluations and impact assessments that facilitate the decision making process on future transport sector policy and legislation.

Panteia provides its clients with reliable and [INVALID]ive analyses of the economic, legal, organisational and institutional aspects of transport, infrastructure and logistics.

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