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Panteia is here to help you progress. With a team of around a hundred experts, we conduct qualitative and quantitative research in the areas of transportation, economy and the social policy domains.

Why Panteia

Our clients

Each year, Panteia conducts around 400 research projects for a diverse set of clients. We have a long-term relationship with many clients, sometimes spanning decades of collaboration. Our clients mainly comprise public and governmental institutions such as Dutch ministries, the European Union institutions, EU agencies, foreign governments, but also include trade associations, non-profit organisations and companies. 




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    How can we help you?

    Panteia is synonymous with reliable and [INVALID]ive insight. We align our research with the problems and needs of the client. In pursuit of this aim, we make use of different research methods, instruments and techniques, data[INVALID]s and other services.

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    A great place to work

    People make Panteia. Therefore, we strive to be a great place to work, always working to maintain a company culture where ambitious and talented individuals feel at home. Panteia is an environment where personal growth is stimulated and made possible. To us, growth is more than just the increase in knowledge and competences, but about personal development as well. 

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