Qualitative research

Within Market Research, qualitative research is mainly used to gain a deep understanding of what is on the minds of consumers, buyers, or the general population in a particular market or policy domain. This results in insights and inspiration that will allow you to move forward.

We use qualitative research in several phases of the development process for products, services or policy, using the appropriate methods and techniques.
The following phases can be distinguished:


1. Exploratory investigation: provides a basic insight into the target group's needs, behaviours and choices, including the why and how. This may involve mapping out the customer journey, market studies/trends, and/or identifying insights.

2. Research as part of the development of products/services: we work with you to take ideas and concepts further, to create the best possible match with the target group's needs and wishes. This includes positioning of brands / products / services / communication.

3. Testing and optimising: this involves 'trying out' developed concepts or deciding between them. This is meant to work out the final details. A few little alterations may make all the difference at this point.


Qualitative research should always be carefully tailored to your needs. We would be happy to discuss the best solutions to your questions with you. And if we progress to the execution of the qualitative research, we will gladly enter into a 'learning process' together to ensure the best possible outcome.

Panteia ensures support by experienced and passionate researchers, who not only have excellent research skills, but a background in consumer behaviour and psychology into the bargain. In addition, we have a lot of experience doing research in various sectors and branches, and in multiple policy areas. This is a valuable basis for designing the appropriate type of qualitative research and for helping you translate your new insights into practical applications.

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