Data & Analytics

published: 14-07-2020

Our Data Analytics & Technology teams helps our clients to gain innovative insights based on large amounts of data. This multi-disciplinary team consists of passionate data scientists, engineers and front-end developers who combine their expertise to find the best possible solutions.

The team is dedicated to opening up important data sources and processing them using our own data platform. This means that at Panteia, we have an array of topical data sources at our disposal that we can use at any time to answer questions, identify trends and monitor developments. Different interfaces allow our customers to access our data platform in order to quickly find the right answers themselves. This way, you can feel confident to move forward.  

We work with our own developers to open up online benchmark systems or turnover monitors. In addition, Panteia develops knowledge portals for branch organisations and intermediary organisations, such as  for the retail industry and the NVM BedrijfsBarometer of the Dutch association of real estate agents.

The monitoring of quality labels, such as Blik Op Werk, is one of the reasons why we develop portals that monitor customer and employee satisfaction, often in real time. Such a portal gives you access to the latest guidance data. We have also developed our own real-time satisfaction tool: Zinin!

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