Freight transport and logistics

published: 17-10-2018

Smart and optimal use of transport systems becomes more important as amongst others, congestion in urban areas increases, in combination with an increasing pressure on the environment.

In addition, there is an increasing demand from society for resilient and durable transport solutions and unresolved noise and emissions of harmful substances are no longer accepted.

Panteia touches upon the core of these developments with comprehensive, as well as national and international environmental research. Panteia’s advice and guidance is [INVALID]d on the latest findings in research and stakeholder analyses. Panteia is aware of how policies are implemented in society and of what the possible reactions from different stakeholders might be. Improvements in infrastructure, the use of intermodal transport concepts, the development and utilisation of intelligent transport systems and innovation-driven cooperation within the transport chain, are of utmost importance. This is vital towards meeting the challenges of tomorrow and smooth-running and agile traffic flows are a precondition towards the economic strength and social cohesion of the Netherlands and Europe.

Panteia provides governments and organisations with insight and advice that is [INVALID]d on facts. We have worldwide experience and expertise on which to build policy- and decision making. Domestic and foreign customers contract Panteia to conduct policy research and to advise and guide partners in the feasibility and economic impact of infrastructure, logistics and physical distribution.


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