International Consultancy

published: 21-01-2021

Panteia provides tailor-made consultancy services to its clients, based on a vast wealth of available in-house information and research networks and instruments.

The link between research capacities and the provision of consultancy services gives Panteia a strong competitive edge in both the national and international markets.

Having worked in over 50 countries, Panteia has an extensive history in international consultancy. A network of international joint ventures in Bulgaria, China, Turkey and Kazakhstan facilitates the provision of international consultancy services. Clients include the Commission of the European Community, the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, national, regional and local governments, international associations and the private sector.

In international consultancy Panteia provides a broad range of services, including economic analysis, project appraisal, socio-economic research, policy development, market research, mobility studies, including traffic analysis and forecasting. Panteia carries out transport and trade facilitation projects and logistics audits in many countries. Furthermore, Panteia advises companies on development and implementation of export and investment projects on the basis of broad knowledge and experience, as well as local expertise.

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