Models and forecasts

What effect does a policy measure have on your industry or sector? What is the impact of VAT changes within your industry or sector? Will your industry benefit from lower administrative burdens? How will revenues, costs and profits develop in an industry?

But also: how should national budgets be distributed 'fairly' among municipalities in the context of decentralization?

These types of research questions are answered by Panteia using prognosis and scenario models. Not only do we have models to calculate policy measures on their economic effects, but we also have the knowledge and experience to develop and apply 'tailor-made' models in our research.

Prisma Model
Panteia's PRISMA model analyzes business at the level of 20 sectors, SMEs and large enterprises. With this sector-by-sector approach and the possibility to analyze SMEs and large companies separately, this model distinguishes itself from other 'macro economic models' in the Netherlands.

Panteia is a specialist in the field of administrative burden calculations and the application of 'activity based costing' techniques. In addition, Panteia employs experienced econometricians, who are able to develop advanced calculation models and translate the results of these models into clear answers to your research questions.


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