Our approach

At Panteia our first and foremost principle is that research must be specifically designed to gain insight and meet the information needs of the client. This may involve one-off or ad-hoc projects, but may also involve longer-term, continuous monitoring or measurements.

In order to organise the possibilities, Panteia has a range of products and services available which make tailored research approaches possible. Products and services can be set up as stand-alone, one off projects or can be embedded within more comprehensive, or long-term research designs.

Our products and servicesWe have a very wide range of services and products, together with special research methods and techniques that we can use for specific purposes. Together, we look at what is appropriate for your specific research request.

An overview of our in-house expertise:

Research services

  • Policy research & advice
  • Web development & dashboards
  • Models & prognoses
  • Policy review
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Market research & data collection
  • Market & business intelligence
  • Impact assessments & evaluations
  • Big Data analyzes
  • Industry research
  • Policy research
  • Evaluation research
  • Positioning research
  • Insight development
  • Market review
  • Labor market research
  • Staff Survey
  • Customer survey
  • Regulatory pressure measurements (administrative burden)
  • Impact assessments
  • Capital market studies
  • Monitors (custom made)
  • Dashboards (custom made)
  • Project support

Measuring research and instruments

  • Online surveys
  • Telephone research
  • Personnel research:
  • Employee satisfaction (MTO)
  • ZinIn® (MTO in a new way)
  • Customer satisfaction (KTO)

Qualitative research and special methods

  • In-depth interviews and expert interviews
  • Focus groups, group discussions, expert sessions
  • Meetingsphere (computer-aided group sessions)
  • Creative Development (CD) and co-creation; research that supports the development of products, services and communication

 Special techniques

  • Reports using Infographics
  • Brand®Profiler (measuring strength of associations)
  • FaceValue (measuring facial expressions)
  • Diaries (follow behavior)
  • Communities (continuous online discussion groups)
  • Metaphor elicitation (experience research using visual material)
  • Meaning Structure Analysis (BSA)

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