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published: 15-10-2018

Panteia provides support to decision makers, helping them to formulate, monitor and evaluate strategies for effective policy. To do so, Panteia has developed unique knowledge bases and innovative methods, supported by independent market and policy research. Panteia advises on effective ways of reaching and motivating target groups which may include citizens, consumers and companies, in delivering or implementing changes for improvement. Together with our clients Panteia aims to contribute to sustainable, social and economic progress.

In addition to research expertise, you can also count on Panteia's solid expertise in a number of important policy areas. This expertise forms a solid basis for establishing a problem-specific approach to research and to-the-point advice.

The themes on which Panteia has particular expertise are:

In the Netherlands, the EU, and worldwide

Based in the Netherlands, many of our activities take place in an EU context as well as worldwide. Our experts are experienced at working in multinational teams. The link between research capacities and the provision of consultancy services gives Panteia a strong competitive edge in both the national and international markets.



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