Women in the labour market

published: 12-04-2019

08 - 03 - 2019

Today, the 8th of March, it is International women’s day. A worldwide day that celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action to accelerate gender equality in among others the labour market. A topic in which Panteia has a extensive track record.

The challenge of heightening gender equality and female inclusion in the labour market, cannot possibly be answered from one policy perspective. Panteia’s interdisciplinary expertise, puts us in a prime position to study this topic.


Many studies demonstrate the value of having more diversity in an organisation. An especially important advantage is that the labour market reserve is expanded with more employees available to hire. In doing so, labour market shortages can be addressed. Some sectors especially threaten to lose many of their current employees retire and leave the sector, with limited new labour to fill those positions. Besides broadening the labour pool, other advantages of more diversity in organisations include higher productivity, higher employee retention, better safety, as well as better team spirit and a deeper sense of involvement from employees with their employer.


Diversity has many facets, including age, race, sexual orientation, and gender. Panteia has been working on such themes and has conducted studies on these issues at the European, national, and local levels. The role of women in organisations is a particularly important theme within our research studies.


What can Panteia do?

Panteia as a research bureau, has several main areas of expertise: social, economic and entrepreneurship, and transport policy, not to mention our data mining and market research department. This means Panteia is in a perfect position to conduct interdisciplinary research. The challenge of heightening female inclusion in the labour market, especially in sectors where women are currently underrepresented, cannot possibly be answered from one policy perspective. This issue is after all, driven by many national, sectoral, and even individual level dynamics. Panteia’s expertise in different policy areas, and the role of gender across those policy areas, puts us in a prime position to explore the topic of women in the labour market.


With our varied experience on the theme of women in the labour market, conducted for clients ranging from the European Commission to municipal governments, Panteia is in an excellent position to conduct different forms of research in aid of today’s policy makers. We have a track record in conducting policy evaluations centred on gender policy, on the dynamics behind female integration and upward mobility in businesses and the labour market as a whole, as well as practical approaches to getting more women into specific sectors and businesses.


Want to know more?

Below you can find a selection of the studies Panteia has undertaken in the field of women in the labour market, of which some are made public. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities to develop a concrete methodology to answer your research question and fit your needs.










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