Training Transport Planning in Egypt

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia was commissioned by the RVO (Dutch National Entrepreneurial Service) to organise a training course and study tour for the 'Egyptian Transport Centre of Excellence (ETCE).

The Centre of Excellence (ETCE) is part of the Egyptian Ministry of Transport and is responsible for the transport planning at national, regional and international level in Egypt. The ETCE develops national plans and strategies in the field of transport for policymakers; economic and social developments are included therein. The ETCE collects data and carries out studies towards the needs and reformations of the transport market and delivers made-to-measure information to the central government and policymakers working for local authorities, NGOs, the private sector and research centres.

Panteia is currently carrying out a training that is focused on:

  • Training in transport planning and transport models, with the emphasis on public transport. This training is provided by Jan Kiel and Arnaud Burgess
  • Training in financial management to allocate investments and integrate existing infrastructure costs in the budget. This training is provided by Adriaan Roest Crollius and Marcel van den Broek

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