Corporate Social Responsibility

published: 09-12-2019

Panteia is committed to helping drive societal change and promoting environmental sustainability in working with our clients and within our organization.

We translate sustainability and social inclusion into concrete ambitions. In working in innovative ways with governments, international organizations, non-profit organizations and civil society we work towards a sustainable and prosperous world.

Climate neutral
We operate in a climate neutral way. We have incorporated the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, striving to achieve zero net emissions. The GHG Protocol  establishes comprehensive global standardized frameworks to measure and manage greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from private and public sector operations, value chains and mitigation actions. The GHG Protocol was established by leading climate institutes, such as WRI and WBCSD.

Carbon Management Plan
Our road towards zero emissions is defined in our Carbon Management Plan (CMP). The CMP includes several activities, on which we report annually.

Panteia’s carbon reduction is prioritized according to the Trias Energetica.

In order to reduce our energy consumption and provide a healthy working space for our employees, we have invested in renovating our offices in a sustainable way. This results in a low energy use compared to other organizations (Best Practice in the Netherlands).

Other activities include implementing LED lighting, energy efficient TL5 strip lights, and light detection. Our mobility plan aims for emission reduction through stimulating the use of public transport and energy efficient company cars. Advanced digitization has enabled us to reduce the amount of printed pages by half.

Since 2011 we strictly use green electricity, and since 2012 green gas. These measures have lead to a carbon reduction of 500 tons annually.

Panteia’s remaining emissions are compensated through purchasing CO2 credits. With CO2 credits Panteia invests in sustainable energy projects all over the world. This has reduced our carbon footprint to zero.

Chain responsibility
Panteia sets high sustainability standards for our suppliers and subcontractors.

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