The Impact of Covid-19 on the Labour Market in 37 Sectors

published: 31-08-2020

As part of a larger project, Panteia has performed an analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the economy and the labour market in 34 sectors and 3 labour market segments. To help sectors analyse their own labour market, Panteia has created a report (directed by Douwe Grijpstra) using these sector-specific results to provide tailor-made evaluations for each sector. The data available for each sector varies, though in sum, the report includes the following type of sector-specific information: contact-limiting measures, measures taken by businesses to limit negative impact, applicants granted governmental financial support, the number of jobs and unemployed, number of hours worked, vacancies, tension in the labour market, liquidity requirements and solvency of SMEs, tax deferrals, bankruptcies, entrepreneurial confidence, impact on sales, added value and employment in 2020 and 2021, regional differences, and long-term impact.

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