Support in impact assessment for a framework regulation on European social statistics

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia, in close collaboration with Devstat, is assisting Eurostat in carrying out the impact assessment for a framework regulation on European social statistics.

The environment in which social statistics are used and produced is rapidly changing in Europe. On the subject of social statistics, the European Commission has produced a “Vision for the Next Decade”, stating that a new generation of statistical legal acts would deal with broader areas of statistics, and emphasising the increasing use of multiple data sources and innovative data collection methods, as well as the growing importance of cross-domain integration and concepts. In addition, there are clear challenges in improvising the production process of social statistics, that are currently organised in numerous parallel processes, country by country and domain by domain. This situation is aggregated by the fact that at the moment social statistics are governed by an assemblage of fragmented, un-harmonised, domain-specific regulations.

A new framework regulation on social statistics is set to respond to the Commission’s “Vision for the Next Decade” and deal with problems related to legal fragmentation and complex production environment, while facilitating innovations and  use of multiple data sources.

Panteia’s extensive experience in impact assessment and statistics is mobilised to define the underlying problems, policy objectives and policy options. This as a basis to assess impacts and compare the defined options and to prepare input for the impact assessment report. In parallel an extensive consultation process is carried out.

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