Studytour for the Egyptian delegation from the ministry of transport

published: 17-10-2018

A delegation from the Ministry of Transport from Egypt was guided on a study tour in the week from 17-23 of May by Panteia.

The delegation from the Egyptian National Institute of Transport (ENIT), which is part of the Ministry of Transport, visited different institutes in the Netherlands that deal with transport and traffic planning.

Prior to the study trip Panteia provided training for ENIT in transport planning and financial planning. In Egypt important decisions have to be taken concerning transport planning such as the 2nd Suez canal project, Nile river transport, rail corridor development, congestion in Cairo and the establishment of the new capital city and the dryports/intermodal terminal lay out.

ENIT and Panteia will work together to resolve these challenges for Egypt so that infrastructure development will contribute to economic growth and the wellbeing of the Egyptian population.


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