State of Logistics Indonesia 2013

published: 17-10-2018

We are very proud to present to you “State of Logistics Indonesia 2013”.

This publication has been produced under the umbrella of project INDF10/RI/21 under the Indonesia Facility financed by the Government of the Netherlands with technical support from the World Bank office in Jakarta. The project aims at establishing a Dutch-Indonesian Centre for Logistics. There are four project partners: Panteia/NEA Transport Research and Training, which nowadays has become a business unit of Panteia; the STC Group in the Netherlands; the Asosiasi Logistik Indonesia ALI (Logistics Association Indonesia); and the Institute of Technology in Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia. During the implementation of the project also ORGANDA, the Indonesian National Association for Land Transport, has become involved in Dutch-Indonesian cooperation in the field of transport and logistics.

The project long term objective is to improve Indonesia’s logistics performance and to reduce the costs of transportation, which will lead to more affordable prices of basic commodities; connectivity and integration in the country and an improved competitive position of Indonesia on the global market. These aspects are expected to contribute to poverty alleviation in Indonesia. The concrete short term objective is to strengthen Indonesia’s knowledge base in the field of transport and logistics through training and research. Towards this end the Dutch-Indonesian Centre for Logistics is to be developed, contributing to sustainable results.

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