Representativeness Study on Mining Industry published

published: 17-10-2018

In 2015 and 2016 Panteia carried out a representativeness study that was commissioned by Eurofound. The study mapped which parties in the mining industry are best represented within the European Member States.

In 1998, the European Commission decided upon the establishment of Sectoral Social Dialogue Commitees, where employers and employees per sector, could have discussions with one another at European level. Representativeness studies are used to form these committees and to assess their performance: which parties are allowed to sit at the table? The representativeness study consists of mapping the employer and employee organisations in all EU Member States. Then it is assessed whether the partners who have a say at European level sufficiently represent the sector. This involves the following questions: How many members do the European partners have in each country in comparison to the total size of the sector? And do they have power of attorney to negotiate on behalf of their members? And finally, are there other partners at European level who are eligible to join in the discussions?

For each Member State a country report is compiled containing information on the sector and the employer and employee organisations. This is conducted by a network of national correspondents from Eurofound. Panteia then checks the consistency and completeness of this information before processing it in a database. Based on an analysis of the database a summary report (representativeness study) is prepared, which answers the question to what extent the members of the Sectoral Social Dialogue Commitee represent the sector.

Panteia is currently carrying out two other representativeness studies for Eurofound: one on the metal industry and one on the steel industry. The final reports are likely to be published in the course of 2017.

The final report on the ‘Representativeness of the European Social Partner Organisations: Extractive industries sector’, can be found below.

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