Presentation Panteia at the UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia will give a presentation on the development of the corridors between Asia and Europe at the UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

The conference will focus on the ways in which the transport sector worldwide can be made more sustainable.The purpose of the first worldwide conference is to gain insight into the chances of making the future more sustainable. Important government officials such as, Secretary-General to the UN, Ban Ki-Moon, will attend the conference. Panteia will be present to give direction towards future UN policy and has been chosen to give a presentation as it is renowned worldwide as a leading knowledge institute in the transport sector. Commissioned by the European Commission, Panteia is currently developing seven of the nine European TEN-T corridors.

The presentation will be given by Menno Menist (International Sales Director, Transport and Mobility) and will cover three subjects; the development of the corridors and Turkmenistan’s roll between the Asian and European corridors, the impact of the increasing rail transport between China and Europe and the future transport flows, to gain a better perspective of where current infrastructure is inadequate. In addition, it will show how a country can improve its position as a logistics hub.

Panteia will make use of the corridor methodology. These are methods that compare the future transport flows with the present flows. This way it becomes clear where the problem areas are, what the cause of these problems is and how they can be overcome. Panteia frequently carries out similar research studies on a national and international basis.

More information on the UN Global Sustainable Transport Conference can be found here.

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