Polish and Belarusian ministers present at Silk Road workshop Panteia

published: 17-10-2018

On Thursday February 8th, the Polish and Belarusian deputy ministers of Transport will be visiting Panteia. They will present the Polish and Belarusian visions on opportunities offered by the New Silk Road.

A large audience of Dutch stakeholders and delegations from China, Poland and Belarus will participate in the workshop.

The New Silk Road is booming, and new rail services between Europe and China are announced every month. What’s the effect on the Netherlands? Will rail freight volumes increase so much as to alter transport patterns? What effects will developments have on the port of Rotterdam and the Dutch economy?

For the Dutch ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Panteia carries out a study into the effects on the Netherlands of the Chinese Belt and Road initiative (BRI/New Silk Road). Panteia constructs a concise description of the current and future market situation, and describes opportunities and barriers such as infrastructure, customs and administration, etc. The findings will be translated into a practicable policy advice for the Dutch government.

During the workshop the experiences and opportunities regarding BRI will be discussed. For participation, please register via c.wensink@panteia.nl.

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