Panteia to conduct analysis of platform work initiatives in the Netherlands

published: 16-04-2021

Panteia has been commissioned by Eurofound to conduct an analysis of platform work initiatives in the Netherlands. Platform work is the online matching of supply of- and demand for paid labour through and online platform or app, with strong reliance on an algorithm. In its ‘web repository of the platform economy’, Eurofound is collecting such initiatives in a dedicated database, providing a short overview of the main characteristics of each instrument. In an effort to learn more about these initiatives, and to give a first assessment on their effectiveness, this project aims to explore a selection of the initiatives compiled in Eurofound’s web repository in more detail.

In particular, Panteia’s Jacqueline Snijders, Eelco Tammens and Thomas de Winter will collect detailed information on the following initiatives:

  • SE-Works Council in Delivery Hero
  • Riders’ Union Netherlands
  • Deliveroo / Qover

The Riders’ Union is an initiative set up by Deliveroo drivers, and now joined by drivers of other food delivery platforms including Uber Eats and Thuisbezorgd, to improve the rights of delivery drivers. The union is supported by the FNV.

The SE-Works Council Agreement is an agreement signed between Delivery Hero and several employee representatives including the European Federation of Food, Agriculture and Tourism (EFFAT). The agreement foresees that each country has at least one employee representative within the SE-Works Council (SE-WC), and that the SE-WC has to be provided with detailed information on the company’s strategies, on any investment or divestment plans, on all plans which may impact the work organization and employee interests (1). The Netherlands is one of the countries in which the company is established.

The Deliveroo / Qover initiative is an insurance offered by Deliveroo for all riders that are logged on to its drivers app.




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