Panteia selected to carry out representativeness studies

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia has again been selected to carry out two representativeness studies for Eurofound.

After the recent completion of the representativeness study for the extractive industries sector, Panteia will start this autumn with two representativeness studies: one for the steel sector and one for the metal sector.

Representativeness studies are used to assess whether the employers’ organisations and trade unions united in the European Sectoral Social Dialogue Committees, formed by the European Commission, sufficiently represent sectoral employers and employees in the different EU Member States and if they have the mandate to negotiate on behalf of their members. Representativeness studies also serve to identify potential other organisations to be included in the Committee. Based on the information collected by Eurofound’s Network of National Correspondents, Panteia will create a database, analyse the figures and prepare an overview report.

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