Panteia advises Zambia and Botswana on the set-up of the Kazungula-bridge

published: 17-10-2018

In order to accelerate freight traffic between the Republics of Zambia and Botswana, the governments of both Republics have come to a joint initiative, the Kazungula Bridge. Panteia will advise the governments in the set-up of this initiative.

In the current situation, all traffic between both countries is carried out by two small ferry’s. The waiting times for freight traffic can be up to five days. The new bridge will strongly decrease transit time at the Kazungula border, and put an end to the high costs for transport and trade.

Panteia’s general objective for executing the project is advising on the set-up of the Kazungula Bridge Authority (KBA). The KBA will coordinate (the maintenance) of the bridge and the activities of the ‘One Stop Border Posts’ (OSBPs) in Botswana and Zambia. Panteia will issue an opinion on the organisation structure for the management, operation and maintenance of the Kazungula Bridge. In addition, we will set-up a policy document with judicial instruments and administrative guidelines for setting up and managing the KBA.

An important part of the project is setting up recommendations on the toll. The costs for the exploitation of the bridge and her facilities should be covered by these tolls. In order to estimate the potential income, Panteia will carry out a traffic study, in conjunction with a Willingness-to-Pay study for the bridge, amongst future users. In addition, we will inventory the costs for maintenance and upkeep of the bridge.

The project is expected to start at the beginning of August and to run for about a year.

Panteia adviseert Zambia en Botswana over opzet van Kazungula-brug

The first two pictures show the current situation. Traffic is carried out to the other country by a small ferry. The third picture gives an impression of the future Kazungula Bridge. 

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