Panteia achieves ISO 27001 certification

published: 17-10-2018

On 29 January 2016, research company Panteia was certified for information security standard ISO 27001, making it a pioneer in the research world.

This certification proves that client information is in safe hands with Panteia. Since its establishment, Panteia has put much effort into making sure that personnel, as well as client information, is kept secure. This is evident from the Panteia ISO 20252 certification; the international standard for conducting market, (public) opinion and policy research.

ISO 27001 is the universal standard for information security. BSI (the British Standards Institution), confirms with this certification that Panteia’s information security management system meets the set requirements of ISO 27001. The core of this management system is a continuous cycle of improvement. The types of information that Panteia works with are periodically inventoried and the risks that influence them are analysed and secured. In addition, Panteia has implemented the appropriate control measures of ISO 27002. These 114 measures cover all aspects of information security, such as policy, employee behaviour, building security, security of digital systems, data back-ups, business continuity and guaranteeing the information security of her suppliers and subcontractors.

Societal awareness of information security is rapidly increasing. Incidents occur more often due to increasing digitisation and have a greater impact. Stricter regulations in the area of privacy protection is a logical follow-up to this. The ISO 27001 certification demonstrates that Panteia is well prepared for the increasing risks in our digitised world.

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