National Transport Master Plan Turkey

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia is part of a project group which is developing a National Transport Master Plan for Turkey. The plan focuses on the development of a sustainable transport sector to support the logistics sector.

The transport system in Turkey can be improved in several ways. Therefore, the goal of this plan is to establish a proposal, making the sector more sustainable, safer, cleaner, more accessible, and more technologically innovative. All these improvements can also benefit the competitive logistics industry and, as a result, will increase the competitiveness of Turkey/the transport and logistics sector in Turkey.

The project consists of five phases. The first step consists of an analysis of the current situation in the Turkish transportation sector. Interviews will then be held, namely 400,000 interviews with road users, and 750 interviews with key organisations in the transport sector. This information will form the foundation for the third phase, which includes the development of a national transport model for passenger and freight traffic, and of forecasting of transport flows until the year 2036. After this, any potential bottlenecks in the infrastructure and possible reductions to cost-effectiveness will be identified, and possible solutions presented. The final stage consistst of an institutional strengthening and training of staff from relevant ministries.

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