More containers on the train

published: 17-10-2018

The Dutch Partners in Business consortium ‘Linked by Rail’ promotes the rail connection between the Netherlands and Poland. Panteia is coordinator of the Linked by Rail consortium.

On the one hand to promote the transport of goods by rail, and on the other hand to increase the transport volumes via the Netherlands and to Poland. This consortium, a cooperation between rail companies, transport companies, terminals, logistics companies and a research institute, has succeeded in doubling the number of goods trains between the Netherlands. Furthermore, the consortium has had the honour of a visit from the Royal Couple, King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima at the rail terminal in Poznan.

The Polish counterparts have become interested in intermodal transport - making use of various transport modalities during the transport (in our case rail and road haulage). However the Polish transport companies often miss the knowledge to be able to actually ensure that the containers are on the train, preferably headed toward the Netherlands.

Training sessions and internships can be organised through the PIB programme, i.e. the ‘Presidents Programme’. Searail and Panteia organised this training together. First three-day training sessions were held in Poznan, Katowice and Warsaw for a total of 35 people, then a number of the Polish participants had an internship at the ‘Linked by Rail’ companies.

Both the training and the internship were highly appreciated. The training scored especially high for the following points, the level of training material, the practical implementation and the examples that prickled the imagination. In all cases the internship was very well prepared by the companies, a good mix was made of experiencing the actual processes, visualising the complexity of intermodal transport, organising transports and strengthening the contacts between the Polish and Dutch companies.

Both the ‘Linked by Rail’ participants, as well as the trainer / organiser can look back at very successful weeks that will certainly lead to an increase in transport volumes to the Netherlands!

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