Invitation for Event Women in Transport Talks: "Moving to the Future"​​​​​​​

We would like to invite you to the event Women in Transport Talks: "Moving to the Future" at the European Parliament in Brussels on Thursday December 12th.

Employment in transport is by far male dominated compared to the rest of the economy. The share of women working in the EU transport sector is only 22% while the share of women working in the entire European Union across all sectors is 46%. Many studies demonstrate the value of having more diversity in an organisation. An especially important advantage is that the labour market reserve is expanded with more employees available to hire. In doing so, labour market shortages can be addressed. Some sectors especially threaten to lose many of their current employees retire and leave the sector, with limited new labour to fill those positions. Besides broadening the labour pool, other advantages of more diversity in organisations include higher productivity, higher employee retention, better safety, as well as better team spirit and a deeper sense of involvement from employees with their employer.

Against this background the European Commission launched the EU Platform for change in 2017. The [INVALID]ive of this platform is to strengthen women's employment and equal opportunities for women and men in the transport sector.

In this context we cordially invite you to participate in Women in Transport Talks: “Moving to the Future” on Thursday December 12th. The Women in Transport Talks are an industry initiative, led by the International Road Transport Union (IRU), and are developed under the Women in Transport Platform set up by the European Commission. The event is supported by all transport modes.

You can find the poster for the event here. Please register by following this link. We hope to welcome you in the European Parliament on Thursday December 12th.

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