Inventory of measures against transport poverty in the four largest Dutch cities

published: 12-04-2021

Recently, Panteia made an inventory for the G4 municipalities (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht) of research, projects and measures that have been undertaken and taken in the four municipalities in the field of transport poverty. The aim of the assignment was to gain insight into what is being done to reduce transport poverty, and to reflect, with an expert panel, on issues for additional research and policy development in the field of transport poverty in the cities.

What is transport poverty? In short, transport poverty means not being able to participate fully in society due to limited mobility. In other words, transport poverty is a discrepancy between the need for transport and the availability/possibilities of transport.

Mobility is an important precondition for people to be able to hold their own in modern society. Those who lack mobility, for whatever reason, can experience numerous problems in everyday life. For example in shopping, attending school, working, and maintaining a social life. The issue of transport poverty therefore transcends various domains; it is at the interface of mobility policy, spatial policy and socio-economic policy, including the generic income policy.

Based on interviews with people working in the G4 municipalities and other relevant organisations (such as transport regions and De Verkeersonderneming), Panteia has made an inventory of research, projects and measures that have been undertaken and taken in the G4 municipalities in the field of transport poverty. This concerned projects in the field of cycling and public transport, but also in the field of, for instance, the sharing economy and reintegration. In an expert session, Panteia brought together a group of five experts with diverse backgrounds, who gave advice on what they think is important for the subject of transport poverty, or inclusive mobility, in the future.

As a research and consultancy company, Panteia has expertise in a wide range of subjects, including social security, labour market, care and welfare, mobility and education. With their research, our researchers want to contribute to a society in which everyone has the opportunity to participate. The subject of transport poverty therefore fits Panteia perfectly, and in this assignment, the expertise in the mobility and social domain came together very nicely.

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