¨I am really looking forward to working on the Urban Mobility Initiative in the Western Balkans¨

published: 29-09-2021

Hello reader, my name is Rabora Ramaj. I am a recent bachelor graduate in International and European Law (‘IEL’) at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Throughout these last three years, I have developed a great passion for IEL whereby I am also applying to different Master’s programs in this field. IEL is a very important and interesting aspect of law in itself because it goes beyond the national borders and creates a bigger responsibility that the states need to share with other states. This is for example in the European Union, for which I am very passionate, whereby the Member States must abide to rules that exceed their national level’s legislation with the purpose to creating a uniform and harmonized environment. This is an important aspect which I specifically addressed during my bachelor thesis concerning the Minimum Wage Directive at the EU.

An internship at Panteia for the Urban Mobility Initiative in the Western Balkans seemed as the perfect place to further develop myself both at the legal analysis and team work components. Being an Albanian national myself, I am very excited to learn more and gain new insights on the project’s outcomes especially with regards to the transportation structure in the Albanian and Kosovo chosen cities. During this project, a framework will be developed that analyzes the institutional organization, the policies and the rules applicable to transport and potential arising gaps. This will be achieved, among other, by thorough research and communication with local contact persons.

Apart from my passion for EU law, I also have other passions. Although I did not visit many Dutch cities and countrysides, I can certainly say that I love travelling. I love visiting new places and learning new things about them. Another big passion of mine are languages. I would say that if I had not chosen law specifically, I would definitely study different languages and become a translator and also interpreter. However, I can certainly learn and practice new languages while pursuing a career in law. Currently I can speak Albanian, English and Turkish. In addition, I love to swim and try different types of food.

I am happy to have been able to meet nice and helpful people here at Panteia and I am really looking forward to working on the Urban Mobility Initiative in the Western Balkans.

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