Estonia skills governance review launched

published: 17-10-2018

Cedefop launched a skills governance review in Estonia on 29 January. National stakeholders gathered in Tallinn to learn about the project and discuss possible priorities it can address.

Estonia asked Cedefop to review its skills governance system to help the country further develop the OSKA forecast system. OSKA combines labour market projections with qualitative insights from sectors and other sources.

Cedefop presented the analytical framework that the agency uses in all country reviews in this area. Within the project Cedefop is assisted by a consortium led by FGB, in which Panteia also participates. The general objectives of the reviews are to improve the connection between education and the labour market and to prevent a mismatch between supply and demand on the labour market.

Estonia is the fourth country in which such a review has been started. Greece, Bulgaria and Slovakia preceded the country in 2017. Panteia presented during the meeting part of the approach to the review, namely the part in which consensus is sought on action plans for an improved administrative system for competence and skills management.

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