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published: 24-03-2021

On Monday, March 15, the Emission-Free Commercial Vehicles (SEBA) subsidy scheme was launched. The scheme received 270 applications in the first week. This concerns 361 cars with a total claim of 1,523,402.09 euros. This shows that many entrepreneurs with extra support from this subsidy now want to make their fleet ready for the future!

Together with parties from the automotive sector, Top Sector Logistics and Panteia developed the comparison tool welkeEbestelbus.nl. Here entrepreneurs can find an overview of the current supply of available electric delivery vans. The tool also helps entrepreneurs to gain insight into the monthly costs of an electric alternative. Handy, because in this way the selection tool gives entrepreneurs full insight into all the costs and whether the switch from diesel to electric is feasible!

How does it work?
welkeEbestelbus.nl asks for the registration number of the current delivery van, the annual mileage and the daily mileage. The costs of the chosen alternatives are shown. The comparison tool not only compares purchase prices, but calculates monthly costs based on total lifetime costs (TCO). By also including depreciation, charging and refueling costs as well as maintenance in the comparison, it becomes clear that an electric delivery van is more accessible than ever. The comparator also shows which subsidy options there are and how these work out for different types of company, such as sole traders, private limited companies and non-profit organizations.

Available until the end of 2024
WelkeEbestelbus.nl is brand-independent and has been compiled together with parties from the sector. The website will remain available until at least 2024. The available range of electric alternatives will be continuously updated during this period.


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