Capacity Building Project for Ethiolog, Addis Ababa University

published: 17-10-2018

Panteia is part of a team of CINOP, Delft University of Technology and Dinalog.

This team has to develop EthioLog as the centre of excellence and develop Ethiolog (Ethiopian Centre of Excellence in Freight Transport and Logistics) as the capacity building institute for the freight transport and logistics sector in Ethiopia.

Following activities are foreseen:

  • EthioLog is established as the Centre of Excellence in logistics and freight transport, with adequate institutional and organisational capacity
  • EthioLog has developed and implemented training programs (MSc and short courses), with improved human and technical resources, and established private sector linkages and is promoting entrepreneurship
  • EthioLog has improved its research capacity and has implemented research projects according to its research agenda
Panteia, with its large experience on developing sectoral transport and logistics systems in emerging and developing countries, will prepare the transport market study which should show the fields in which Ethiolog should focus on and Panteia prepares the short term trainings in Transport and Logistics.

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