BESTFACT Joint Cluster Workshop on Synchro-modal Best Practices

published: 17-10-2018

On Thursday 8th  and Friday 9th of October, Panteia organised the BESTFACT Joint Cluster Workshop on Synchro-modal Best Practices. The workshop was hosted together with STC (Shipping and Transport College) in Rotterdam.

This Joint Cluster Workshop dealt with the top issues, such as multi-modal chains, last-mile operations, policy, consolidation and collaboration, bringing together well-known representatives from the private and public sector in the areas of: • Urban Freight • Green Logistics and Co-modality • e-Freight

The BESTFACT workshop collected, analysed and disseminated state-of-the-art practices and innovations in freight logistics, contributing to the European transport policy targets: improving performance, promoting competitiveness and decreasing the environmental impacts. The workshop addressed these targets and field experts presented their best practices in the domains of urban freight, green logistics and co-modality and e-freight. Part of the program was a technical visit to the dynamic Port of Rotterdam, Maasvlakte II and Futureland. You can find the presentations here.

BESTFACT Final Conference On 21st, 22nd and 23rd of October 2015, the final conference was hosted in Vilnius, Kaunus and Klaipeda, Lithuania. During this three day final conference, three different technical visits were planned: • Technical visit to Vilnius Intermodal terminal • Technical visit to Kaunas Intermodal terminal • Boat tour at Klaipeda Seaport. The final conference also involved a visit to the International Conference Transport Means - 2015, organized by the Kaunas University of Technology, where BESTFACT presented Best practices and innovations in Freight Logistics. On the last day, Maria Rodrigues (Panteia) moderated  the cluster session on “green Logistics and Co-modality”. In addition, a synthesis of the lessons learned and recommendations were presented to continue the work done in BESTFACT.

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