Panteia: a great place to work!

We are happy to tell you something about the working atmosphere at Panteia. After all, this also determines the basis for a fruitful collaboration with our clients.


Let's put this first: the researchers at Panteia, the 'Panteians', work not only with their heads and their minds, but also put their heart and soul into your projects. Naturally, they have the necessary research skills, but they are also curious, eager to learn, and focused on a good cooperation. Both internally and when in contact with clients.

We are pleased to also share something about our working atmosphere here at Panteia. After all, this is a part of the foundation for a fruitful collaboration with each other, which ultimately helps our clients.

Panteia is characterized as a 'learning' organization. We do not stand still, we move forward!

Panteia Academy
Panteia is an organization with a lot of knowledge and experience. And we are happy to share this. Both with our clients but and with each other. Training and coaching belong Panteia’s core values of Panteia. Within the Panteia Academy our own experts offer various workshops and courses to our own employees. From providing interview techniques, to providing lessons on various forms of data analysis. We also recruit external experts and trainers to further help develop our employees. And, as a client, this ultimately benefits you as well.
Panteia events
At Panteia, we find it important that as much is done with the gathered knowledge as possible, and that it eventually helps put something into motion. For this very purpose, we organise various meetings and events to help propagate knowledge where this is possible, and we are happy to contribute to those events of those organizations we work with.

Panteia Fun
Enjoyable work does not mean that Panteians only give workshops, conduct interviews, or sit behind their screens all day. We place a high value on doing social and “nice” things together.  Panteia is therefore happy to participate in sporting, musical, festive and cultural activities. In the office as well as outside it. Good cooperation starts with consideration for each other.

Panteia Alumni
A large number of Panteia’s ex-employees is and still feels involved with Panteia. We see this in the large turnout at alumni meetings which Panteia organises. Even though they are now work elsewhere, or started an own enterprise, or retired, they are still an important source of knowledge which we use. In addition, they play an important role as part of the Panteia network.

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