Why Panteia

Why Panteia

Research is at the heart of high impact decisions and trends. With substantive knowledge, relevant research expertise, and big-data as our foundations, we work towards creating trustworthy results to help you progress. 

Trust the experts

Our team consists of more than 100 talented experts and researchers. Trust their creativity, experience and expertise. Panteia experts are explorers at heart who like to look beyond the borders of their own discipline with their fellow colleagues. Inspiration for collecting rich insights comes from expertise, but also from thinking outside the box.

Trust the experts

Trust in cooperation

We are realistic. We realize that our knowledge is not exhaustive for every project that crosses our path. That is why cooperation is a precondition for results. That’s what we do within Panteia, with our clients and leading knowledge partners such as universities and other international research institutes. 

Trust objective insights. Integrity has been anchored into our DNA. When you choose Panteia, you choose objective insights. Our approach highly values independence and integrity, attributes which we cherish every day.

Jan-Willem Siebers

Trust experience

We are happy to help each and every client, and they are happy with Panteia. They would like to share more about the sustainable successes we have realized together. 

"Enjoyed working with the Panteia experts. They came up with some really useful results"
Peter Taniform
Senior Transport Specialist, World Bank
"Congratulations on the award for the XYZ project. Our compliments"
Willem Pel
"Pleasantly surprised with the interactive web application that Panteia has made for the Flemish-Dutch Delta "
Willem de Graaff
Adviseur Kennis & Onderzoek, Provincie Noord-Brabant
Trust tomorrow

Every day we tackle current problems with a high level of societal impact. Panteia has a balanced workforce. Experienced experts work together closely with young professionals. In this way we keep each other focused and help each other. Today and tomorrow.

Our culture

Trust validated quality

The interests of our clients are of great importance, that’s why they expect great quality. That we offer this quality is shown by the many certifications our organization has been awarded with year after year.


           Certificate ISO 20252                                                                Certificate ISO 27001

  For Market, opinion and social research                                            For Informationd Security 

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