Trade monitor

Panteia offers a trade monitor with data on turnover developments and developments with regard to employment within the industry. This means we follow the developments of the group of industry members, set off against the industry as a whole. We also create cross section representations based on specific segmentations. Regional differentiation is also possible. Furthermore, we provide insight into the industry's workforce composition and the group of members of the industrial associations.

Monthly or quarterly turnover volumes are provided by members. Alternatively, Panteia determines the turnover of businesses based on micro-data provided by Statistics Netherlands (CBS), VAT data, and policy administration data.


If required, we can present the outcomes in a modern, interactive digital form, straight onto the industrial association's website. Of course, the outcomes as they are presented can not be traced back to specific individuals or businesses.

Trade monitor examples:

  • Finat label stock (Finat, trade organisation for manufacturers of self-adhesives)
  • Woonwinkel monitor (home decor stores - INretail)
  • VVVF (association of paint manufacturers)
  • VLK (Glues and sealants)

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