Impact studies

Impact studies help to map out the impact of policy measures for your industry. Panteia uses a unique macro-economic model to calculate the impact of measures per industry. Within the sector, we distinguish between SME companies and large companies.

What is the impact of a policy measure for your branch or sector? What is the impact of VAT changes within your branch or sector? Will your branch or sector profit from a reduced administrative burden? An incorrect assessment of the economic impact of proposed policy measures leads to reduced economic growth. Panteia has both the knowledge and the experience to provide an expert answer to these and other research questions. The answer to such questions is important to policy makers, but can also help you to successfully defend your industry's interests.


Impact is felt all the way to the macro level...
In the end, policy measures will even impact the macro-economic level. For example, a EUR 5 billion burden reduction for families is expected to lead to a GDP growth of 0.5%, and to an additional 7000 businesses and 8500 additional jobs in SME companies.


... which is why it is important to be able to predict a measure's impact
Do you know the impact well enough to form to a balanced opinion? Panteia offers solid, independent advice on the economic impact of proposed policy measures, so that you can estimate the impact for your industry.

Panteia's PRISMA model analyses trade and industry at the level of 20 sectors, distinguishing between SME companies and large companies. PRISMA also provides a thorough analysis of the mutual relationships between these business segments.  This is what sets PRISMA apart from other, pure macro-economic models in the Netherlands. A detailed description of PRISMA is available upon request.


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