Cost development studies

Using a cost development study, we calculate the industry's average cost increase and decrease for the past year, and make predictions for the coming year's trend.

Every year, Panteia is commissioned by logistics branch organisations evofenedex  and TLN to study the present year's cost development and to estimate both domestic and international transport for the following year. The cost development estimates are based on the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analyses CPB's prognoses, along with market data and any collective labour agreements. A distinction is made between domestic and international transport. 


Panteia also identifies cost developments for Vereniging Vertical Transport, a branch association for businesses working with mobile cranes and tower cranes.


Furthermore, Panteia has developed an instrument to provide insight into the cost structure for inland shipping, which can also be used to monitor the cost development per vessel. We work with the CBRB (Central Office for the Rhine and Inland Waterways) to create an annual update of the report. The study calculates representative yearly exploitation costs for motor cargo vessels, container vessels, motor tankers, push-barge combinations and pusher tugs, indicating changes to important cost factors, such as interest rates, fuel prices and labour cost.

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