Policy review

Panteia has an extensive track record in conducting policy reviews and evaluations. We work in a structured way and give a substantiated answer to the question to what extent the policy is effective and efficient.

Policy reconstruction
In the policy review we start from the policy cycle and make a reconstruction of it, which provides insight into how the policy has been created, how it has been implemented, and what the output and outcome are. For this we use the following means:

  • Document studies
  • Depth interviews
  • Group interviews
  • Interactive workshops

Reliable and substantiated
Panteia takes the work out of your hands and works in an objective manner. Our consultants are well acquainted with the requirements of the Regeling Periodiek Evaluatieonderzoek (RPE) of the central government. This means that you can rest assured that you have reliable results on the basis of which you can assess and (if necessary) adjust the implemented policy.

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