Policy research & advice

Effective policy requires knowledge. Knowledge of the implementation, effects and costs of existing policies, bottlenecks in implementation practice, needs for new policies and their expected results.

As a policy maker, you require high-quality information that can serve as a solid basis for decisions. Policy research and advice is Panteia's core activity. Practical applicability is the primary goal of Panteia's policy research. A well-founded policy advice provides a policy maker with a solid basis to arrive at a well-considered decision. Panteia can help with advice based on or supported by data and targeted research. When conducting policy research, Panteia also makes use of its model for behavioral conscious policy.

The research and advice that Panteia does under the heading of policy research is very broad, ranging from evaluation research, impact measurements, process and impact evaluations to the development of outcome- or evaluation framework and policy audits. Panteia does this for the national government but also for municipal government, branch organizations, international governments, care institutions, educational institutions in secondary vocational education (mbo) and higher professional education (hbo), etcetera.


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