Market research and data collection

Panteia has an enthusiastic team of market researchers. We help our clients choose the best research approach, data collection, analysis and interpretation, both in quantitative and qualitative research. In doing so, we make full use of our methodical expertise, experience and knowledge of many industries. For an optimal result of our data collection, we work together with strategic partners at home and abroad.

Our goal is to carry out market research that really helps you: research that inspires and takes you further. High quality and customization guarantee this. To achieve this, we have an extensive toolkit of research methods and techniques at our disposal.

Based on our market research expertise, you can be confident that Panteia knows what, given your problems, is the best research solution and how it will be carried out. In this way, we deliver reliable results on the basis of which you can take the necessary steps.

What we do at Panteia Market Research
At Panteia you can go for quantitative research as well as qualitative research. We can combine different forms of market research in order to answer your research question in the best possible way.

We conduct research among various target groups: consumers/citizens, companies, governments and not-for-profit organizations. We conduct market research within the entire development and policy cycle of organizations: from preparation to evaluation. The goal is often: to generate insight into the behaviour, attitude and motivations of the target group, so that you can make well-founded decisions. We can also take care of the data collection for you alone: data that you can work on yourself.

A specialty within Market Research is our expertise in the field of monitoring, where we can use data files to map out the developments or trends in your market, for example. 


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